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Tori Ufondu

Mindset Breakthrough is all about achieving the goals and relationships that you want. It’s about undoing negative thoughtbehavioural and emotional patterns in your personal and professional life.  It’s an education in becoming so in-tune with yourself that you always know what your next move should be. 

I help men and women get mindset clarity, achieve their life goals & break old relationship patterns.

Give me the time and I will help you change your life.

I will show you how to ditch, old, tired & unhelpful ways of thinking.

Helping others to LIVE and LOVE the life of their dreams is my calling in life.

And I'm Really frikkin good at it.

Peace x

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"Starter Steps to Fulfilled Relationships."

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The Conscious Relationships Tribe is for women who want to embrace love, with emotional health and confidence.  I help women to reconnect with their self worth and break old relationship patterns.  Come on in, we're waiting to hear your heart.

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Tori has a wonderfully disarming way about her.

Brad Burton,

UK’s No 1 Motivational Speaker


Tori delivers on her promises – combining business & personal acumen with no-nonsense common sense. Presented with sensitivity, passion and understanding.


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Talented, patient and unfazed by even the toughest of personalities.

Associate Director,

Brandon Hill

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