A long relationship doesn’t mean you should marry him

For much of my previous long term relationship, people would ask me when I was getting married and when I was going to have babies. It was a lot of pressure. External pressure to conform to the timelines and expectations of other people, plus the guilt and frustration of my own desires.

I had wanted to be a wife in name, as I was certainly already one in deed. I had wanted to have children and I thought I, we, were ready. We had everything else.

Little did I know.

Little did I know, that if I had bowed to the pressure and got married simply to fit in and stop the questions, it would have been one of the biggest mistakes of my life. And it surely would have ended in divorce.

If I had succumbed to the pressure (internal and external) and had children in this relationship, life would likely have been harder than I can even conceive of now. With the man of your dreams, raising children is hard. With the wrong man? I can only thank God I don’t fully know what that life is.

I felt compelled to write this, because it’s natural for those who love, care about you, or whom are blinded by their own conditioning, to want you to experience life‘s great milestones. But they don’t know your life plan.

They don’t know what the Gods are protecting you from, what they are making you wait for, achingly.

They don’t know that heaven above has bigger and better plans for your life.

When all around you are praying, hoping, questioning your pace and decisions – remember, there is a higher power that isn’t, one that knows perfectly what’s in store for you and when.

You have to hold onto this.

Trust in the journey and do not be pulled off road by other people’s signage. Other people who don’t know your way, or where you’re really headed.

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