A short on: reclaiming your peace

How many of you have been in a completely relaxed, serene place, only to have another person do something – achingly minor – to knock you out of it?

You’re meditating and someone walks in, wanting to know what the time is.

You’re walking down the street and you’re bumped into, by a person not looking where they’re going.

You climb out the bath to get the phone, to find it’s a telemarketer.

These are disturbances that can appear at any time, both when it truly matters and when it doesn’t. It’s these moments we have to learn to spot and to search for a different response.

If the madness is too strong, we must practice not allowing it to linger, for more time than is helpful.

We have to recognise it, feel it, ascertain that we don’t need it and then let it go.

We can all find a way, through trial and error, to accomplish this.

It may be one deep breath, or two.

It may be the gentle, or vigorous, shaking of our whole bodies.

It may be rubbing our hands together, or stretching our arms out.


Find your release.

It will save time.

It will save your relationships, with the world around you.



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