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The Key To All Relationships

Do you need a better strategy for the relationships in your life?

Are you frustrated with the relationships you have with friends, family, your spouse or co-workers?

Do you want to have relationships without compromising on who you are?

Do you want to improve your relationship with yourself?


The key To All Relationships deals with all human relationships with a single fundamental answer: self-awareness. Focusing on the relationship we have with ourselves, this book maps out how to identify and harness our innate self-knowledge, as well as establish our margins of emotional and mental flexibility, for use in a powerfully authentic way of living. The result is a blueprint for presenting yourself to the world; clearly, consistently and aligned with everything that makes you who you are.

Hypnosis - Meet The Best Version Of Yourself

This 50 minute hypnosis programme is taught through audio and will help you to re-align with any goals and dreams that you have for yourself. The idea is to visualise to such an extent that your subconscious is able to provide all the answers, feelings and knowledge needed to progress from the place that you are now.

The hypnosis scripts can be used repeatedly, and once you understand the principles and patterns involved in visualisation, you can very easily develop those that you find here, or create your own.

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As you can probably tell, my speciality is writing about relationships, dreams, goals and anything vaguely inspirational and honest.  If you want to commission a piece by me, just email me at

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