1:1 Coaching

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9 Things to know -
if you want to be coached by me

  •   You must be able to see, hear, or feel some semblance of the reality you want.
  •   I can get personal, really personal.
  •   This is not an intellectual pursuit, be prepared to gently raid your feelings
  •   Everyone is treated the same. Everyone
  •   Rationality is overrated.  Some of the things I say clearly aren’t dependent on it.
  •   As in life, so in coaching: be open to our ‘click’ because when it happens, we will have amazing sessions.
  •   There will be no one who believes in you more than I do.
  •   It doesn’t have to make sense, it just has to work.
  •   It’s not about me, it’s about you.

Practical, spiritual
& everything in between

Naturally calm and highly intuitive, I’m at my best when creative in both mind and action.  Working with people in need of relationship clarity and mindset or perspective changes is what I was born to do.  I speak my mind, I laugh a lot and I am as loyal to my clients as I am to my friends.

One of the most important elements in the coaching relationship is chemistry, followed by the belief that change is possible within that setup. The services I offer are far more effective, long-lasting and life-changing when clients have a genuine desire for progress and trust that I am the woman to help achieve it.  Compassion, directness and authenticity are at the heart of my business.

Session methods include...
Talking Therapy, NLP & Hypnotherapy.

My practice is based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. I also offer online sessions.


Supportive and challenging...

exactly what I need to ensure that I follow through with what I am saying, I’m held to account so I get the greatest benefit.  I now see how limiting beliefs were getting in the way of me being my best.

Clementina O.

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Tori’s life coaching sessions are nothing short of amazing. During my very first session with Tori I experienced a “mindset breakthrough” that has opened the gate to a new lease of life. Tori’s mix of techniques have helped me to push boundaries in my business and personal life.


From our first meeting Tori really made me think about I wanted to achieve in my relationships and the feelings behind my goals. She has challenged my assumptions and the limiting beliefs that were holding me back. Intuitive, nurturing and able to identify key issues quickly - nothing gets by her! This has led to some real positive changes in my relationships as I am now clear on what I want, and what I don't want! Tori's style is positive, professional but life changing. 

Thank you Tori!

Civil Servant

Just take her relationships course! It will make you see love & life from TOTALLY new perspective.

Business Owner


"Tori has a wonderfully disarming way about her."

Brad Burton

"Tori delivers on her promises – combining business & personal acumen with no-nonsense common sense. Presented with sensitivity, passion and understanding."


Ince & Co

"Talented, patient and unfazed by even the toughest of personalities."

Associate Director,

Brandon Hill

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