Confessions of a coach

I have an admission to make and as a mindset coach perhaps it’s one I should keep to myself. I thought about doing that, but I figured it wouldn’t help anyone if I kept quiet, least of all myself.

My confession is that for the past few months, my focus has been in entirely the wrong place. It seems, I’ve been focusing in the complete wrong direction. I have been obsessed, some might say, with things that I really want to see happen in my future. My energy has been plunged into my tomorrow self; her happiness, her life, where she lives, shops, what she eats, has.

So consumed have I been, that the frustration when things have gone wrong or not to plan has bordered on overwhelming. It’s never quite tipped over, but disheartened is a place I’ve found myself once or twice.

Now, I’m all about vision boards, hell – I even gave a masterclass on how to create one. But in my excitement, in my eagerness to live up to the manifesting mamma that I know myself to be, I had forgotten one vital element in my own life. And that was to not forget the blessings of the present moment. A moment that millions of others would kill to have and, in this time which we live, are dying to have.

I forgot about the value of the roof over my head, when there are so many homeless. I forgot about the choice of foods I have, as people go hungry day after day. And I failed to remember and honour a body that is serving me daily, when so many others are failing.

I am living well. And I forgot it.

It doesn’t always feel easy – and I believe in honouring our own perspectives and gauges for what is difficult in life and what is not – but it has definitely been harder.

My life is beautiful and I will continue to strive and work hard to be better and do better, but, I will spend more time on the now, on the soul work not the future work.

I will focus on the now, acknowledge the bigger plan, but go forwards knowing the exact path does not need my input every centimetre of the way.

As long as I keep walking, I will make it there.

And so will you.


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