Feminine Power vs. Feminine Vulnerability

I work in the field of self-development, I live and breathe practical ways and theories on how to accept, improve, love and be honest with oneself. I interact with a diverse array of other professionals in varying fields of coaching, healing and training, all trying to help people in the many different ways that it’s possible. I’m telling you this because last week I received an invite to a webinar about reconnecting with my feminine power and my response to it was unusual. I did something that made me think really hard about who I am and the people I mix with. What I did, was instantly reject it.


My first response to this webinar was ‘Nope, not for me, I’m standing right in my feminine power.’ I could see the value in such an offering for the right woman, but there was no part of me that identified with her. Next, as I do, I thought about the other women in my circle, my close friends and family who might find the webinar useful. It was in this moment that I realised none of the women I knew needed a webinar about connecting to their power, what we needed was one about connecting to our pain.


I am surrounded by powerful women who after so many years of proving their strengths, their worth and equality, actually really need to take the time to reconnect with the things that make them human. I’m talking about the ability to express emotion without shame, to ask for help without fearing the consequences and to take a break from the quest of perfection.


Identifying and acknowledging the things that hurt or challenge us, namely our vulnerabilities, is a vital practise that needs to be retaught equally as much as how to realign with our powers. It’s essential that it’s reclaimed as part of a balanced and stable life.


Personally speaking, displaying my vulnerabilities as confidently as I do my strengths, goes against what feels natural and definitely against what is expected by others. It’s why I know it’s necessary. I suggest that anyone drawn to any of the ‘reclaim your power’ type courses, first makes a conscious effort to think about the opposite of power, and how they deal with this.


Sometimes, it’s the less obvious, less common lessons, that need the most attention.

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