How to create a connection with him [Transcript]

Straight away,

  • ask him the questions no one else does
  • talk about what his dreams are, not just where he wants to be in 5 years, but what soul imprint is he trying to leave on the earth
  • Ask what he would do if...


Ask him what he values, needs.

Ask him what makes him feel like a man, strong, supported.

Encourage his ambitions, show him how to strive… whilst still giving you what you need.


Make no conversation taboo or out of bounds.

Find out what turns him on, not just in you, in other women. What’s his thing? Don’t be threatened. Share yourselves, laugh together.


Turn off the TV, the music, silence the phone.

Hold hands together. Meditate and pray together.

Read to each other, bathe with one another.


Sit on the carpet, share a meal there together, get grounded.


Have him try new things for you, bake a cake for you.


Connect with a man by owning all facets of your femininity and not being afraid to explore all facets of his masculinity.


Invite the universe into your relationship and explore it together, right from the centre of your connection.


This is all.


[Catch the live video here]

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