How to reconnect with your intuition

There are moments in your life when you’ll intuitively know you’re in the wrong place, doing the wrong thing. A large amount of people experience this most profoundly in the jobs that they work, sometimes as early as the application stage.


The way your own intuition talks to you will show up in different ways for everyone. It might make itself clear through a deep knowing that you’ve now trained yourself to ignore, or to rationalise away. It may be a sensory experience that you need to shake off or routinely distract yourself from.


Intuition is the inkling you get to not walk down an unlit street, when your thoughts are telling you that it’s a shortcut, it’ll be fine. It’s slowing down at the junction you always speed across, because something feels different today.


What’s important is that you learn not only how to recognise it and how it communicates with you, but also any strategy you’ve developed for not listening to it.


The first step to reconnecting with your intuition is to get comfortable with acknowledging that you have two captains sailing you through life. One being your soul (or whatever you wish to call it) and the other your thoughts. How are your responses to the two different and which, honestly, do you more often give the wheel to?


How has that worked for you so far?


The second step is to pay attention to how each of these captains gets you to do what they want you to do. Do your thoughts gently encourage you into action or, do they rule by fear and the opinions and experiences of others? Does your soul point out a way for you and ask you to trust it or, does it rule by only allowing your happiness when you follow it?


Which of the two leads you to experiences that take you closer to who you truly are, or who you aspire to be?

What sorts of strengths or sacrifices does it take to ignore each one, or to follow each one?


The more time you spend listening and feeling instead of dismissing, the more you’ll start to consider the varying levels of wisdom you have within you. You need to give your soul captain the space to breathe, to not let your thoughts suffocate it. The more space you give it, the more life it will have and the clearer its instruction and your intuition will become.


Think of it as a flame steadily growing. The third step will be to see what it lights up around it, it will start to show you the different options you have not for survival, but for living.

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