I am confident, I am a mess, I am loved

So for those of you who don’t know – I am a really strong person. I have been through some crazy experiences that quite frankly, I know some people wouldn’t have survived, both emotionally or physically. I am educated, I am successful, I am able to stand on my own two feet, and if push comes to shove, I can be fierce as hell.


But here’s the thing –


I can also crumble at the drop of a hat. I doubt myself about something, maybe once a day. I wonder if I am doing enough, if I am being enough. I think that I should study even more, get another certificate. I think that I should have dressed up more for my man, last week when I had the chance. I think that I should earn even more because I sold the house I thought was my dream home, and I haven’t quite made enough for the next one.


Dear friends, I am one of the most contradictory women you will ever meet. Spontaneous, set in my ways. Aloof, deeply open. Loving, incredibly dismissive. Compassionate, cold. Motivated, passive. Inquisitive, apathetic.


My point?


My point is that amongst all of this, all of the idiosyncrasies and the personality deficiencies mixed right in with the chunks of gold, I have never had trouble finding a man. A man that accepts me for who I am. A man who rolls his eyes as I dance manically around the room, and who wipes my tears when I sit still, quietly contemplating my next move in life.


This is a message to all women trying constantly to present themselves as neatly packaged and perfect specimens of womanhood.


Do not dumb down your eccentricities. Do not quieten the storm that keeps your personality blowing wildly through this universe. Do not reject the feminine energy that has built your business empire, or the masculine energy that has stopped you giving up, or giving in. You are not too confident, but yes, you may be too confident for him. You are not too independent, but yes, you may be too confident for him. You are not too vulnerable, but yes, you may be too vulnerable for him.


And so, he is not the one.


Accept yourself. Raise your vibration. Attract the men waiting on that level. And then rise to the next one, together.

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