I’m dating a king, and you better know it


If there’s one path in life that I’ve been able to follow with minimal fear, it has to the one of relationships. There may have been hesitations or doubts, but fear, no. From the very start of my dating life there’s been what you may call an internal compass. I’ve always respected the line between the synchronicity I share with a potential partner and the reality of being with them. I’ve never for a second doubted my self-worth, nor underestimated that of the person I chose to sleep with at night.


I’m not saying it’s been an easy ride, not in the slightest. There has been immeasurable pain and times I made decisions that floored everything I thought was holding my life, our lives, together. I can honestly say however, that I have never entered a union that wasn’t utterly glorious – in its love, its lessons and indeed its pain.


I can also say, with my hand on my heart, that I have only ever dated kings.


To fully understand this, you need to understand what it means to give in a relationship. You also need to know and be fully conscious of what your own quiet and dignified sense of self-worth requires. There’s no way you can live within your worth and not acknowledge that the person you’re with isn’t, by default, someone very special. And if they’re not, there will be personal issues you need to address about yourself.


I consider it my job in a relationship to daily remind my partner, that he is loved, beautiful, respected, appreciated and backed by a heart that will not let him know any less, even in his weakest moments. Dating a king, for me, means kisses on the lips, candle-lit dinners, being the lover, the friend, the carer. It’s a level of love and attention that would be exhausting, if it weren’t for the fact that it is reflected back, tenfold. When two people stand in their power and are continuously encouraged to do so by one another, there is a circle of unity so strong that where it begins and ends is unidentifiable.


What you accept in life, in your relationships, your friendships, your work connections, will always be a direct reflection of how you view yourself and your life at that moment in time. How you treat people will always say more about you than it does them.  So, when you invite someone into the magnificence that you are, let them know how much you value yourself by showing them how special they must have been to get the job.


It’s been my view, my unwavering rule, that if I’m to date a man, share my life with him, then by default he must be nothing less than what I consider royalty. Why would a person, who truly values themselves, be with anyone less?


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