I’m single, 30+, will I be left on the shelf?

I work with women who think it’s too late to find the happily ever after they’ve always aspired to.

The belief you have, is that all the guys your age are taken, that they’re married, have kids and so don’t want any more. There is also the camp of intelligent, successful, ambitious women, who have settled in a relationship, ones they possibly regret, but are too fearful to exit.

The truth is, the show isn’t over, you can have the relationship you want, you can have it with minimal compromise and this panic mindset you’re in – it can be ended, now.

Whether it’s a feeling that you have a ton of missed opportunities or poor choices, you need to understand that you aren’t alone – you’re definitely, not alone.

Yes, it’s tough when all your friends are married and your evenings are spent on pointless date after date – but I don’t want you to buy into the misconception society is selling you.

You are not broken.

You are not past it.

That shelf – you’re not going to be left on it, to get all tired and dusty.

So here’s what you need to do.

You need to refocus.

You need to let go – of something that you are firmly holding on to.

This is not an external problem, I guarantee it.

Forget the external things that are happening.

What you’re doing is dating upstream, against the tide of yourself.

This is not about being to blame, it is about being at cause.

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