Say What You Need To Say

This is a super quick post about saying what you need to say in life.  Maybe you’re in a relationship where you hold back on communicating how you feel, or you have a boss that you think should give you a pay rise or a friend you walk on eggshells for.  Whatever the circumstance, if you’re struggling to say things that you know should be said, think about using the below two pieces of advice as your starting block.


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Sometimes in life we hold back from saying things because we’re afraid of the response that we’re going to get.  People hold onto things for years because they’re fearful of not being understood, of upsetting someone or being vulnerable.  Practice the art of speaking, only this time without requiring a certain response from the listener.  Speaking your truth is more important than how people respond to it.  Be authentic, be kind hearted, intend for good and then say your piece.


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As well as finding it difficult so say the things we want to say, likewise when we hear things we don’t like we can go into defence mode and make people regret having said them to us. It’s important to remember a couple of factors here.  Not everyone is able to communicate effectively or as well as the next person and sometimes we can be more sensitive to things than we should be. Learn to recognise the difference between the messenger (who is speaking), the message (what is said), the delivery (how it’s said) and the intention behind it (the purpose of the message).  The more conscious you are of all these things, the better able you’ll be to share your own message in an effective and thoughtful way.

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